Boulevard Brewing Company Saison

Here’s a little gem from Kansas City, Mo., Smokestack Series Saison by Boulevard Brewing Company.  This light gold bottle conditioned ale is slightly hazy with plenty of carbonation.  A brisk pour produces a huge, fluffy white head that slowly collapses, leaving tons of lacing.  The bouquet is tart and citrusy, with a touch of green apple and yeast, followed by a good malt presence.  The taste is sharp and dry, with more citrus, all contained in a smooth, light body (much like me).  The yeast is also present (unlike me) and the finish is dry and crisp, with a good hop afterglow.  This beer tastes fresh and clean, and the lingering dryness betrays the activity of your salivary glands when it is all over.  This 6.2% ABV ale is well worth the money, I assume, as it was given to me by a friend.  Thanks Paul!


2 Responses

  1. A brisk pour produces a huge, fluffy white head that slowly collapses, leaving tons of lacing.

    I am an avid reader of your blog, but I just realized – why is the above quote important to beer quality or drinking pleasure. Why do you want to pour to produce foam and lace? I thought you want to avoid this – have I been short-changing my beer drinking experience?

    Please advise!

  2. Basically, the quality of the malt determines head and head retention, and there are a few reasons i like it. #1, it tells me what adjunct may have been used in the brewing process. Corn and rice (big brand American style lagers) leave produce less head than barley, and wheat (wits, weissbiers, etc.) produces more. It has to do with the amount of proteins in the malt. #2, it tends to trap the yeast and hop estersthat I find necessary for olfactory enjoyment that dissapte when the head decreases. Certain acids in hops contribute to head and head retention as well. #3, aesthetics. Look at your well-poured Hopalicious IPA 5 minutes after the pour and compare it to your Miller Genuine Draft 5 minutes after the pour…The IPA looks like beer and the MGD looks like tinkle.

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