Good steak and bad beer?

I have a question for you:  Can a steakhouse that offers good steak and bad beer survive?  I went to Jameson’s Charhouse last night and was really disappointed with the selection of beer.  Consider TGI Friday’s or Chili’s if you want more of a choice, and that’s sad.  Miller Light, Blue Moon, Guiness, Fat Tire and Amstell Light does not make for a good selection.  Bottle selection was equally lame.  On top of it all, the Fat Tire and the Miller Light basically tasted the same.  The similarity was in the fact that they were both flat and tasted of butter.  Some sort of invading bacteria probably produced diacetyl in the tapper and now everything is on the edge of rancid.  I can’t imagine I was the first person to notice this either.  I can’t imagine getting return customers with problems like this, even if the dinners were good.  I don’t think I’m spoiled either, because as I said, I can find something good at TGI Friday’s.  I’m just disappointed, and the Beerbliographer is done in both being disappointed and referring to himself in the third person.

Here’s a link that gives some basics about beer tastes and smells that may explain what can go wrong.


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