More Nostalgia?

Here’s an interesting article from Cheryl V. Jackson at the Sun Times:

Old Style. Literally.

     The beer brand familiar to generations of Chicagoans is returning to a process it started with in the 1900s and abandoned in the ’90s.

     “It’s something our longtime consumers have asked us to take a look at,” said Kevin Kotecki, president of Woodridge-based Pabst Brewing Co., which acquired the brand in 1999.

     The brewing change will push Old Style into the more costly premium category of Coors, Miller and Budweiser. Among several brands Pabst has recently focused on propping, Old Style is now in a subpremium category with the likes of Busch, Keystone Light and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

     The company will promote pub crawls and block parties to reach a target audience of 20-something Midwesterners who grew up seeing the brand at family gatherings, said Senior Brand Manager Keith Hill.

     The new old brew will hit store shelves later this month in 12- and 24-packs. It will be available in kegs in February.

As if Old Style wasn’t wonderful enough already.  I’ve been off Old Style since they started pushing it as a northside cub fan beer and Dennis Farina was telling me it was our great beer.  Anyway, to each his own,  I guess I should be more supportive since parent company Pabst is headquartered a mile away in Woodridge.  Still letting Miller and Lion do their brewing worldwide, but they own a lot of names and recipes.  I’m sure I’ll pick up a twelver and see what memories come flooding back.

Be sure to drink your beer.


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