New Band

Between getting XM in my new car and getting free song downloads on iTunes, I’ve come across a lot of good bands that I may never have heard. Take, for example, Woven Hand. The singer is an Evangelical Christian, which normally would be a turn off for me. I am a Christian, I like a positive message, but don’t like to be preached to. The first time I heard one of their songs, I didn’t even realize there was a message. I just thought it was a cool, dark, accoustic alternative-blue grass tune. Yeah, some of their stuff is pretty dark, but hopeful at the same time. My brother Jim and I want to start a band. We’ve been working on the name, as that is obviously the most important step in starting a band. The next step will be to teach him how to play an instrument. The final step will be figuring out where to practice, as he lives in Columbus, Ohio and I live in Downers Grove, Illinois. Maybe we can find a rehearsal space in east-central Indiana. Anyway, here are our name ideas so far:

Pus Bismark, Manatee Blood Propwash, Norwegian Blue’s Theme, 150 Grit Ureter Stint, Tomato Cage Match Stick Men At Work Release, The 9-Finger Butchers, Plexiglass Monkeywack Zoo Patron Protector, Ground Pork Ass-Crack Spackle.

 OK, I guess we have a way to go.  For now, just check out Woven Hand.


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